Are you sure you’re getting hygienic and safe manicure before? Surprisingly, a manicure could be dangerous for you. You can acquire fungal infection, blood-borne diseases (such as Hepatitis B), if your nail salon doesn’t provide hygienic services.

In Singapore, the nail industry’s hygiene is quite questionable. Especially since Singapore doesn’t have guidelines for nail salons to follow proper sanitation standards. But Singaporeans can relax now, thanks to the existence of Manicured by Nails & Brows.

Established in 2009, Manicured by Nails & Brows only provide the best hygienic services based on standards set in USA and Australia. “Hygiene is our top priority!” claims Jenny Wee, our owner, who holds a First Class Honors in Microbiology. All the staff at our nail salon are specially trained by her.

In addition to the well-trained staffs, Manicured by Nails & Brows is also using quality products, such as OPI and ZOYA. We carefully curate the best products from many brands in order to suit the needs of every customers. Indeed, we simply believe in beauty without compromising our customers’ safety. Providing good quality services with safe practices every single day!